Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology:

The department of Gynecology and Obstetrics offers a wide range of services to expand the scope of hi-tech care. The advancement in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology – coupled with well-qualified, experienced gynecologists – make this department capable of handling gynecology or obstetric emergency aside from routine problems related to adolescence, reproductive age group patients and problems related to menopausal women.


  • State of the art Endoscopic theater with 3D Cameras, Monitors and ancillary equipment
  • High Tech Labor room with birthing chair
  • Operating Hysteroscopy, Versapoint, Harmonic ultrasound Ligature vessel sealing devices, Latest Unipolar and Bipolar coagulation colposcopy
  • High risk pregnancy for continuous foetal Monitors
  • Epidural Anesthesia for painless delivery
  • Baby friendly nursing care
  • Painless Deliveries
  • Normal and Assisted Vaginal Deliveries
  • Routine Gyneac and Obstetric Surgery
  • Caesarean Section
  • Hysterectomies
  • Repair of Prolapse
  • Removal of Ovarian, tumor, fibroid
  • Advance Endoscopic Surgeries
  • Urogynocological procedures
  • Management of high risk pregnancies
  • Genetic counseling and diagnosis
  • Family planning
  • Adolescent Gynae problems
  • Well Baby Clinic
  • Cancer Screening in gynecology
  • Gynecological cancer Surgeries
  • Infertility – IVF center
  • Counseling – Premarital, Prenatal, Postnatal
  • Labour Delivery And Recover Room (LDR)

The labour room – also called the labour, delivery, and recovery room (LDR) – is the most versatile space at Synergy Global Hospital. This room is used for labour and birth, in addition to the initial hours of recovery. The LDR is designed for all kinds of births.