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Women’s Day Celebration with The Superwomen of Synergy Global Hospital

We are immensely proud to announce that we held a successful event on International Women’s Day in 2022. This wouldn’t have been successful without the support of our Directors, who were Dr. Rajnish Kumar and Dr. Rahul Sinha.

Miss Megha Das from Hospital’s HR- Department came up with numerous innovational ideas to engage employees and make it an enjoyable and interesting event.

According to our Lab Head- Dr. Akanchha Sinha and our Ophthal Head- Dr.Hemlata Bharti balancing their personal life and professional career have proven not difficult. Both are well-known doctors who have the responsibility of taking care of patients, but still, find the time to for these events. They have been an inspiration to many other women. In spite, of playing one of the vital roles of our Indian society which is of a “Mother” and also as established reputed doctors into their expertise, has always stood forward upfront and been a part and supported all. Though this time both of them were scheduled with patients and still managed to be around to witness the event’s successful culmination.

Last but not the least, Nursing Superintendent- Miss Rekha D had been able to take the time out from her busy schedule & managed to gather and bring forward all the staff nurses for a lovely group photoshoot for “The Day Event” and set an example of “Being Togetherness”, “Girls Power” and “Celebrate our Day”.

Our collaboration with HDFC Banking and their generous support for Women’s Day, 2022 is something to be excited about. The team surprised us with a delightful, mouthwatering delicious chocolate cake & together we have made the event even more prosperous.

The whole event was woven with enthusiasm & good times. The moments may have been ended but the memories will last forever in our hearts.

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Avoid 5 Habits To Protect Your Brain Cells From Severe Damage

The majority of our everyday activities come with health risks for our body organs. There are many times when our day-to-day routines feel like a maze that we wander through, completely lost on how to make it out. With some effort & minor adjustments, we can reduce the risk of damage done to our health. The brain is considered to be one of the central body parts & it is the most vulnerable one to get damaged. People who struggle with neurological issues are often unaware of the damage they are inflicting to their brains day in and day out. The neuro medicine unit at Synergy Global Hospital, the best multi specialty hospital in Ranchi helps the patients by providing complex neurological care where you will be able to protect your brain cells from severe damage. Here, we are going to talk about some daily habits that are very threatening not only to brain cells but also to our overall health-

1. Poor Sleep Cycle

Sleep deprivation will lead to a lower quality of life, fatigue, and even obesity in some cases. In the worst-case scenario, it can even lead to death. That’s why it’s so essential for you to follow a solid sleeping routine that helps you get adequate sleep. You need a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to the degeneration of brain cells. You can go through therapy like meditation, reading, breathing exercises to give a rest to your mind before sleep.

2. Excess Screen Time

Today, most people use computers, and cell phones not only just for work or entertainment but also to complete personal tasks. This means that they spend the vast majority of their time awake in front of a screen. It’s an epidemic called “Screen Sedentarism” which has negative impacts on both physical and mental health. In the short term, screen time is likely not to have a major effect on your memory. However, in the long term, it could be dangerous to both your sleep cycle as well as your brain function.

3. Lack of Exercise

One of the worst habits that can damage your brain is not doing enough exercise. It is important for every other aspect of your health and wellbeing. Major parts of the brain are involved in the movement, most notably the hippocampus, cerebellum, and basal ganglia. A previous study found that a lack of exercise can lead to the atrophy of cerebral cortex neurons. So, to keep a healthier brain, you need to make time dedicated only to yoga & exercise.

4. Sugar Intake

There is a strong correlation between sugar intake, memory problems, and shrinkage of brain cells. Sugar consumption increases blood sugar levels and negatively affects brain structures that are involved with motor coordination, judgment making, and language processing. A case study has been found that just two weeks of added sugar can damage the blood-brain barrier and lead to cognitive decline. So, you should take care of the sugar intake level while you’re having food.

5. Excessive Stress

Stress is a psychological and physical state that became a public health concern in 1995 when the World Health Organization declared it “The number one health problem in the world”. Prolonged emotional stress can damage brain cells in a way that it will take time to recover. Stress affects one due to changes in hormones, activity levels, and a decreased ability to ward off several diseases.

A research study found that people who work out regularly, meditate, and have good nutrition had an average of 3 Million more cells in their hippocampus than those who don’t get enough sleep and live their lives with poor health habits. Physical activity, meditation, regular exposure to sunlight, and eating a healthy diet- these all will help keep the brain in a good shape & prevent it from being damaged.

If you’re dealing with any sufferings, come & visit Synergy Global Hospital, the top-ranked neurology hospital in Ranchi & get yourself treated in a comfortable environment.

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Bone Deformities in Children Can Be Treated Through Preventive Measures

One of the most common painful experiences of being a parent is watching your children suffering through the pains in life. Degenerative diseases become more prevalent as children grow up and enter adulthood. Including Osteogenesis, Septic arthritis, Bone infection, Joint problems, Osteomalacia that cause fragile bones and deformities. It might change the future of your children if it’s not properly treated. You should consider the best hospital for orthopedics for advanced treatment plans of musculoskeletal surgical & non-surgical care, rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics, etc. Don’t get this one late, your child might have an undiagnosed deformity that causes them pain. Only immediate attention can save them.

Children, who undergo many developmental changes in the first few years of their lives, are prone to many health problems. Different vitamins and appropriate treatment plans can prevent bone deformities in children. It’s a serious medical problem – which can be helped with proper preventive steps. Bone deformities in children can happen for a few different reasons.

These deformities are primarily caused by inadequate nutrition, growth, and development. Inadequate nutrients and growth prevent the formation of strong bones and cartilages, which in turn cause bone fragility. Some of these medical problems can be treated through orthopedic surgery. Diet could also be a contributing factor to the formation of these deformities since unhealthy foods may further weaken a child’s bones.

Joint deformities in children are the result of the misalignment of multiple bones. These misalignments are the primary behind uncontrollable painful outgrowth. It occurs only because joints align incorrectly and allow for the bones to move beyond their normal range of motion. There are certain exercises that can even prevent joint deformities and over time they have shown signs of helping to prevent further complications that can arise such as arthritis later in life.

There might be a tendency towards stiffness, deformity, and even pain in the region where the bone fracture occurs due to lack of movement and muscle contraction. With the exception of a few hereditary cases, bone deformities are also eventually caused by stress and injuries. To prevent this sort of situation, it is recommended to have an appropriate amount of light exercise or playtime for your children.

Research has revealed that extreme sports, stress, and exercising can cause painful bone deformities in children. These deformities are often not diagnosed until they lead to severe musculoskeletal problems. If your child becomes a victim of one of the bone-related issues, it’s very important to diagnose and treat the problem promptly.

Synergy Global Hospital is the best multi specialty hospital in Ranchi where the team of qualified and experienced orthopedic consultants recommends preventative measures against bone deformities. So, it’s time to put an end to all the worries about your children’s bone health and talk to us at your earliest convenience.