Hospital for General Surgery

Blue colour is associated with trust, credibility, trust, knowledge, power, professionalism, cleanliness, calmness and clarity. The medical field is based on trust between doctor and patient. It has to be a hospital that carries credibility. The behaviour of doctors and nurses has to be professional. The hospital surroundings have to be clean and hygienic. Families of patients have to be calm just like doctors who remain calm and focused on their work without any distractions. Blue is already used by healthcare providers so people associate it easily with medicine.

Red colour is related to blood – an important aspect of human body and health that has a direct link with hospitals. Besides, it is associated with vigour and speed and passion. Vigour to be regained after treatment in the hospital; vigour also linked with the energy to perform the duty in the hospital. Passion in professionals – both doctors and nurses – to serve the patients and the aspect of speed suggests speedy recovery and the speed with which facilities/treatment are made available to ensure the best outcomes.

Synergy Global Hospital logo makes apt use of these two primary colours to convey what it represents and holds valuable as a healthcare service provider. The sight of a globe with a man spreading arms symbolises the energy and fitness of the human body while the bend in the figure suggests flexibility and agility as well. As the globe is there between his hand and feet that have sharp strokes, it appears what is there around the globe in terms of healthcare is made available to the human being depicted in the logo. Seen in another way, it suggests the hospital brings global healthcare within the reach of the common individual. The name of the hospital is written in bold font and blue to suggest calming benefits to mind and body. The bigger font for the word Global shows the focus on international standards and facilities made available here.   

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