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We are immensely proud to announce that we held a successful event on International Women’s Day in 2022. This wouldn’t have been successful without the support of our Directors, who were Dr. Rajnish Kumar and Dr. Rahul Sinha.

Miss Megha Das from Hospital’s HR- Department came up with numerous innovational ideas to engage employees and make it an enjoyable and interesting event.

According to our Lab Head- Dr. Akanchha Sinha and our Ophthal Head- Dr.Hemlata Bharti balancing their personal life and professional career have proven not difficult. Both are well-known doctors who have the responsibility of taking care of patients, but still, find the time to for these events. They have been an inspiration to many other women. In spite, of playing one of the vital roles of our Indian society which is of a “Mother” and also as established reputed doctors into their expertise, has always stood forward upfront and been a part and supported all. Though this time both of them were scheduled with patients and still managed to be around to witness the event’s successful culmination.

Last but not the least, Nursing Superintendent- Miss Rekha D had been able to take the time out from her busy schedule & managed to gather and bring forward all the staff nurses for a lovely group photoshoot for “The Day Event” and set an example of “Being Togetherness”, “Girls Power” and “Celebrate our Day”.

Our collaboration with HDFC Banking and their generous support for Women’s Day, 2022 is something to be excited about. The team surprised us with a delightful, mouthwatering delicious chocolate cake & together we have made the event even more prosperous.

The whole event was woven with enthusiasm & good times. The moments may have been ended but the memories will last forever in our hearts.

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